fish feed pellet packager

Introduction of Fish Feed Packing Machine
As its name suggests, automatic packing machine is designed for bagging products, such as fish feed pellets, organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, white granulated sugar, seeds, grains, wood pellet, and other animal feed pellets. In fish feed production, especially large-output fish feed manufacturing process, fish feed machines work continuously. Due to fish feed pellets small in size, if not being stored properly, the quality of pellets will be affected, further impacting the nutrition in fish feed pellets. A cost-effective industrial packing machine protects fish feed from being polluted during transportation and selling. It can realize package standardization, greatly decrease labor cost, and meet large-scale production requirements. All those characteristics make fish feed packaging machine an indispensable part in fish feed production plant.

Working Principles of Fish Feed Packing Machine
Fish feed packing machine is comprised of a storage bin, vibratory feeder, a weighting bucket, filling funnel, an electronic control cabinet, framework and the like.
First, the fish feed pellets in the storage bin fall into the vibratory feeder. Vibratory feeder works with 50Hz vibratory frequency, and equably to bring pellets into the weighting bucket. When the weighting bucket reach to the set point, the vibratory feeder stop to bring pellets into the bucket. Then the filling funnel will pour the pellets which have been weighted in the weighting bucket into the bag. At last, the bag is sealed, and the packing ends.

Features of Automatic Fish Feed Pellet Packaging Machine
1. High accuracy, fast speed, long service life, stable working performance, automatic weighting.
2. It’s suitable for various materials and different specification.
3. It applies vibratory feeder and automatic weighting.
4. Digital display, simple manual operation, multiple operative mode
5. Optional devices for materials that easy to generate powder

Lubrication of Fish Feed Packing Machine
1. Check the oil tank before turning on the machine. We can add oil according to the temperature of the bearings and service behavior.
2. The turbine case must store machine oil, and the turbine should be totally immersed in the oil. Change the oil every three months if the machine is used frequently.
3. Do not add too much oil in case of the oil comes out of the oil tank and pollutes the materials and products.

Maintenance of Fanway Industrial Packing Machine
1. Examine every part of the machine every month, especially the turbine, worm, bolts, bearings. Do not use the machine if you find something wrong with it.
2. Place the machine in a dry and clean room. It is not suitable for using it in an acid or corrosive environment.
3. After finishing work, we should clean the inside of the machine. If you are not going to use the machine for a long time, we should clean the machine totally, and smear the machine with anti-rust oil. Then shroud the machine.

The Technical Data of Fish Feed Packaging Machine

Model DCS1 DCS5 DCS25 DCS50 DCS100
Measuring range(kg) 0.2-1 1-5 2.5-25 5-50 10-100
Packing error (F.S) 0.2% 0.2% 0.2% 0.2% 0.2%
Packing speed (bags/h) 300-500 300-500 300-420 300-400 300-400
Size(mm) 1725*620*710 1890*620*710 2500*620*710 2500*620*710 2834*700*750