fish farmers in Nigeria

We have made a lot of efforts to develop African markets, especially Nigeria, and Uganda. Taking the Nigerian market for example, from an overall point of view, fish products, on the one hand, constitute one of the most important nutritional products in Nigeria. On the other hand, it can promote domestic and foreign trade.

Fish feed dryers should be equipped in the complete fish feed production line. In April 2015, Mr. Adedamola from Kaduna, Nigeria, purchased one set of fish feed pellet dryers for his fish farm which was established in 2013. Earlier in May 2014, Mr. Adedamola bought a fish feed plant with the smallest output (1 t/h) locally. He said the fish feed pellet mill functions well, but in December 2014, he found there was something wrong with the feed pellet dryer machine. After a short observation, he decided to purchase a new set.

fish feed dryer

fish feed pellet dryer

Parameter of The Fish Feed Dryer:

Mesh belt width
Total power
Features of Fish Feed Pellet Dryer:
☆ Short drying period.
☆ high heat efficiency
☆ wide application. It can dry fish & pet feed.
☆ Low investment and maintenance cost
☆ Small space design