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Fish Farms Development in Uganda

2018-09-20T14:43:34+00:00 Uncategorized|

Uganda fishery has great potential to be the pacemaker in all of Africa. It is imperative to introduce advanced fish feed making technology to fill the aquatic feed market vacancy in Uganda.

Dry Type Fish Feed Extruder Exported to Uganda

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Fishery develops very rapidly in Uganda. In November, 2015, we successfully exported our dry type fish feed extruder to Entebbe. Let us together wish this quality floating fish feed pellet mill will make more profits for our dearest customer.

Fish Feed Pellet Dryer Exported to Nigeria

2018-11-28T10:37:38+00:00 Uncategorized|

In April, 2015, we exported a set of fish feed dryer to Nigeria. The customer owns a big fish farm in Kaduna. With the rapid development of fishery in Nigeria, demand for quality fish feed will increasing grow.

Nigeria Aquaculture Industry-A Long Way to Go

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Nigeria government spends lots of money on fish importing every year, which demonstrates that there is great market potential in Nigeria Aquaculture Industry. How to well manage the fish farm to promote fishery development? There is a long way to go!

Commercial Aquaculture Production in Japan

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Japan is one of the world's largest consumers of marine products, and one of the world's top fish farming countries. Its fishing industry is an important sector for providing a vital source of food protein and for maintaining local communities.