fish feed coolerFish Feed Cooler Introduction
This fish feed cooler is a new-type feed pellet cooler. As it adopts the counter-current cooling principle, this cooler machine is also called Counter-flow Type Fish Feed Cooler. In a complete fish feed pellet plant, though fish feed extruder is central, other auxiliary equipment cannot be ignored, such as a feed pellet cooler, and fish feed mixer.
Because of the large air inlet, high air utilization rate, and the cold air entering the pellet cooler in a full range from the bottom, our pellet cooler has with advantages of a remarkable cooling effect, low energy consumption, and easy of operation. Those features make the Counter-flow type fish feed cooler a better cooler machine than previous ones. It has already been applied to cool various kinds of pellet fish feed, pet feed pellets, granular materials, extruded ones, and tablet materials pellets.

Advantages of Counter-flow Type Fish Feed Cooler
1. It can effectively prevent air leakage and high-temperature water vapor from entering the cooler machine.
2. The pyramid-shaped powder feeding device can make material particles to the largest extent accumulate in the cooling cylinder, avoiding other vertical coolers’ shortage of single feed leading to the decrease of the cooling effect.
3. Due to the higher distance between the air inlet and the granular bed, the suction condition can not be generated.
4. Air suction system, the direction of the cooling wind is reasonable, the cooling tube is closed, the cooling tube is closed, the cold wind can only enter from the bottom, vertically through the material layer, so there is no “short circuit” and “channeling wind” phenomenon, fully improve the utilization rate of the cold wind, improve the cooling effect.

feed pellet cooler

5. Due to using the unique and novel counterflow cooling principle, the high-temperature granular materials gradually cool, the material temperature is decreased, the water is fully distributed, and the cooling effect is remarkable, avoiding the “shock cooling” phenomenon.
6. Adopt a unique way to discharge material, relying on the reciprocating motion of the active frame to change the relative position between itself and the fixed frame, thereby forming the bottom of the whole cooler as a line gap to discharge material uniformly.

Working Principle of Feed Pellet Cooler
Counter-flow type cooler machine mainly made by rotary closed air feeder, air outlet, pyramid powder feeder, cooling box, up and down material level device, deceleration brake motor, an eccentric drive slide valve type discharging mechanism, fixed frame adjusting device, aggregate bin, body frame and air suction system.
The working process is that the high temperature and humidity granular materials were uniformly spread out in the cooling tank through an air feeder and pyramid powder feeder, cold air gets into the cooler and gets heat exchange between the vertical material layer and the damp heat granule, then sucked out by air suction system, so that the particles can be cooled. The cooling time is controlled by the position of the upper and the lower material level, the motor is switched on when the particle layer reaches the height of the material level, and the motor stops when the particle layer is lower than the height of the material level. After the motor stops, the relative position between the movable frame and the fixed frame is controlled by the travel switch through the brake motor, this can ensure no leakage after stopping discharge. Slide valve type discharge mechanism is arranged at the bottom of the body box, The deceleration brake motor makes the movable frame for reciprocating motion by eccentric mechanism, changing the relative position between the active frame and the fixed frame, to discharge the particulate material from the box, finally discharged by collecting hopper.

Maintenance of Fish Feed Cooler
1. Regular check the tightening of various parts attachment bolts.
2. Observe all parts of the machine operation are normal.
3. Empty all the material in the machine at the end of each day, so as to avoid the bonding phenomenon.
4. The rotation of the machine parts of the bearings should be regularly filled with lubricating oil.
5. The lubricating oil in the reducer should according to the requirements fill and regular replacement.

Technical Data of Small-Scale Cooler Machine

Model Heating power(kw) Fan power(kw) Capacity(kg/batch) Dimension(mm) Weight(kg)
YGNL50 6 2.2 50 (15-20 mins) Cooler: 950*900*2150 350
Cyclone: 700*600*2300
YGNL100 6 2.2 100(15-20 mins) Cooler:1400*910*2300 550
Cyclone: 700*670*2400
YGNL200 9 3.0 200(15-20 mins) Cooler: 1550*980*2300 750
Cyclone: 700*670*2400
YGNL350 9 3.0 300-400(15-20 mins) Cooler: 1700*1100*2400 980
Cyclone: 780*720*2500

Please note: feeding in batch and discharging by manual.

Technical Data of Large and Medium-Scale Pellet Coolers:

Model Feed discharging Fan power(kw)
Capacity(kg/h) Dimension(mm) Weight(kg)
YGNL500 Pneumatic
4.0 0.75 700-1000 Cooler:
YGNL1000 Pneumatic
5.5 0.75 2000-3000 Cooler:
Please note: feeding way is continuous feeding